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How You Can Help

Do you or your family have any information about Alki?  You may.  Grandma’s attic maybe full of materials and artifacts that maybe helpful.  Family lore and stories and business records often lead to valuable insights and clues of where to look for additional information.  The Alki History Project is particularly interested in the following:

  • Jacob, Clara Isabel, Clifford and Ralph Teig,
  • Knud and Martha Olson, Linda Olson and Amund Amunds,
  • S’Ella and Paul Paulson,
  • Olson Land Company, particularly business records or records pertaining to transactions with the Olson Land Company. The 1927 and 1937 Olson Land Company land auctions held by Charles F. Austin Company,
  • The Hanson Family, Hans Martin and Anna, their children Lorena, E.C (a/k/a Edmond, Edward or Edwin), Gertrude, Martha (Jay S. Webb, Stewart, Chester Webb), and Daisy Maude,
  • The Alki Brick and Granite Company, The Alki Granite and Marble Company, A.A. Smith President or George Smith President,
  • Portland and Puget Sound Railroad,
  • Building plans, drawings and maps particularly prior to 1908,
  • Takahashi (first name unknown), a foreign exchange student who may have attended West Seattle High School prior to WW II and served as a Japanese Navy admiral during WW II,
  • The Carkonens, a multi-generational Greek immigrant family that lived on and developed Alki properties, neighbor to Clifford Teig,
  • Fish processing businesses along the beach (on or about today’s Pepperdocks) and the Japanese community employed,
  • Politics, candidates, issues, election results and controversies,
  • The Bentons and Benton Addition,
  • Docks and wharves along Alki beach and construction of Admiral Way SW west of California Avenue,
  • Archeological studies, oral histories, sources shedding light upon Native American land use and life on Alki prior to1851,
  • Sources of fresh water and means and manner of waste disposal prior to 1915, and
  • Scrapbooks, letters, papers, photos, oral histories, diaries and newspaper and magazine clippings bringing to light Alki history and people’s reactions and thoughts to living on Alki or Alki events.

If you have information on any of the above or that you believe useful to understanding Alki’s history please contact us at: .

The Alki History Project also encourages anyone with information or items of historical interest pertaining to the larger area of the Duwamish Peninsula (West Seattle), of which Alki is a part, to consider contacting the Southwest Seattle Historical Society at: or (206)938-5293 (answered Thursday- Sunday).  Please visit the Society’s  museum located at: 3003 61st Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116.  It’s free!

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